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    A few of you have PMed me with interest in retriever training. Now that August is around the corner this is the time to start working your dog - if you have not begun already.

    The Puget Sound Retriever club has decided to add an additional Field Test this year. The date is 9/3 & 4. Our goal is to provide and encourage all to participate in the Field Test. This is a retriever club that promotes training of the hunting retriever.

    The test will consist of all categories of testing. Anyone can enter, help and / or participate. We will have a BBQ lunch on Sat. that all can attend. Consider it a picnic, a day in the field, a chance to be in the field with your dog.

    To this end, the club training day in August (8/13) will use a format similar to a Licensed Field Test to allow all to get used to what a test will entail. We encourage all to attend. There will also be a BBQ at this training day. Let me know if you can attend so we have enough birds and BBQ.

    We sincerely hope all can attend. Here's a link to the premium. Please send to anyone that might be interested. Feel free to PM me with questions.