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Those things are so realistic any photo of them should be posed on the BBQ grill.

Nice fly's-- I saw one of the first out at "The Fly" --really impressive work.

Even the drift fisherman might want a piece of them.Keep em low-key.


Jerry Daschofsky

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Damned, where's the cocktail sauce, I'm hungry! Those are awesome Matt. I agree, black and purple would be great. But those are some damned awesome looking flies.
Matt, Those things are amazing. I saw the one at Rons and checked it out for about 10 minutes. Very nice job, I couldn't believe it. :eek: What is the price per pound on those babies. I just melted some butter as I don't really care for the cocktail sauce. :p



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Beautiful work Matt.

4 hours!! Each!! If a fly takes me more then 1/2 hour to tie I doubt you will see many in my box. You are far more dedicated then I my friend.

Great looking flies. I agree with Davey, next pics should be on the grill.

If you happen to have any that aren't quite right, I know a guy here in Yelm that would take your rejects.

Wonderful work.



Creating memories one cast at a time
Hi Matt. These are beautiful. Once you start to use them be sure to let us know how they work. I'm OK with four hours for a Steelhead fly. When I go steelheading, I may only use 2 or 3 flies per outing.


Creating memories one cast at a time
More Zoids

You've displayed a unique ability to think outside the box on your designs. We look forward to a whole line of ZOIDS to appear in '05.

Wooly Buggerzoid
Hair's Earzoid
A complete line of Streameroids and Nymphziods
Not that I am worried about losing them with the stinger tied hook point up, but I'm going to have time myself. I'll bet it's a lot less than four hours because first I tie several hooks, then I lead the tail, then tie all the rabbit stingers, then stingers to shanks, etc. Just picked up more colors to tie. Looks like we wont be fishing until next week anyway. Right now they are running about three inches long and weigh about 3 to 3.5 grams. The average Spey fly on a 1/0 or 2/0 may run a gram. These are for fast running water or deep water thrown on a skagit like line with T-14 tips. I’m just going to work these and see if I can get a pic of some Steel with it in his mouth before I start to work on a Wooly Buggerzoid, Hair's Earzoid or a complete line of Streameroids and Nymphziods. But D, the name will be credited to you.

Bob Triggs

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Matt: " I've got these down to four hours apiece "...

And to think that it takes God every bit of a year or more to make one almost as real looking...

Awesome Matt.