mostly upland this weekend...

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    No pictures this time...
    Had a great weekend over on the eastside primarily chasing quail. Got over to my spot on saturday around 1 and hunted until the end of shooting light and ended up with 9 quail, 1 rooster and 1 wood duck. Jumped a flock of about 50 woodies but was only able to knock down one drake. The rooster was a runner, and i had to run about 200 yards to keep up with my dog as she took off on me, but i was able to scratch him down with my 2nd shot and she made a good retrieve to put him in the bag.
    Set up for ducks this morning with my godfather on his club and we shot 6. Not great shooting on our part and we messed up a couple flocks, but i was able to shoot a banded greenhead and we had a good time anyways. Then we went quail hunting and were both able to limit before noon and head home. Lots of birds, although they seemed pretty spooky today. madison did have one great point and i was able to double on the two birds that she put up there. A great day afield, and i cant wait to do it again next weekend. Come on snow!