MOTHER wins "Best of the Best" award

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    MOTHER earns Field & Stream’s Best of the Best Award

    In only its third year in existence, MOTHER™ has earned Field & Stream’s coveted Best of the Best award for its patent pending ONEPack™ Ridgeline.

    According to a letter sent by Field & Stream magazine by Jay Cassell, deputy editor of the magazine, “…the judges ultimately decided that it was the most innovative and best-designed product in its class.” The key innovative feature of the Ridgeline is its ability to convert from a medium sized hydration pack to a game hauler. Its volume places it in the middle of MOTHER’s ONEPack collection, which positions it as the ideal pack for anything from upland to big game.

    Company president, founder and owner Marty Grabijas said, “Three years ago my lovely wife Lynn Beck and I had a vision. We put a plan in place, took out the big loan against everything that we owned and executed on it – we took a flier into the unknown. This award is a validation of all of the hard work and commitment that we put into MOTHER and, more importantly, to everyone who believed in us. We proved that dedicated people, who have a dream and who are passionate hunters, can make it in such a competitive industry.”

    When MOTHER’s founder Marty Grabijas was searching for a company identity, he knew full well that the word “Mother” could be spun in many ways, and had different connotations depending on if you were with a family member, one of your hunting buds, or just took the skin off of your knuckles while changing the starter on the truck. MOTHER – as in Necessity is the MOTHER of Invention – was born out of personal frustration and now provides performance-based equipment to hunters who seek the ultimate in technical functionality coupled with MOTHER’s distinct design.
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    congrats marty.
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    I've got the first version of the day pack and am very happy with it.