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    Hard to beat Enlightened, but here is my measly report.

    Fished Munn on Sunday. Temps were still on the cold side - 37 when I left the house, low 40's at Munn. Water temp was 50/51.

    Kind of a slow day for me. Five to the net, 4 LDR's and a couple missed on the bobber. Flies - size 12 olive WB with black maribou tail on a full sink. Type VI, down near the bottom. Under the bobber, it was a black sno-cone, size 16 down about 10'. There were others on the lake and a total of 8 off and on for the day. Another bobber guy was doing quite well. Fish were decent size and fought well.

    The buffleheads were entertaining and there were pairs of ring necked and wood ducks on the lake.

    The weater was interesting with sun breaks to hail, and some heavy rain.

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    Thanks for the report. I plan to fish a lake this week.
    Yesterday, it cleared up here on the coast and got nice and sunny, but still a bit breezy, but not as windy as Sat. I was watching some of my surf bros ripping up Half Moon Bay on their kite boards. Freakin speed demons!!!! and I saw Tay Smith launch off a wave and pull off a nice 360 aerial spin! Go fly a kite!
    Bluebird skies here today, and only a light breeze so far.