Music to my ears!


Fish or Ski...Fish or!
My 23 month old twins made me the happiest daddy in the world last night. Let me preface by saying that I recently dove into the "Spey Rod World" with the purchase of my first 2 hander a Scott L2H Switch Rod with a Lamson Guru. I'm trying to spend as much time with it as possible before steelheading this year and my wife gave me a hall pass last night from family duties to head out and "practise" for a while. As I was getting ready the kids were at the table eating dinner looking at me in my funny socks and strange hat. Mom told them that daddy was going fishing. My son Fischer Immediately said "Fischer get out (of chair), go fishing with Daddy. My little girl then said "Mommy, Natalie out, go fishing with Fischer and Daddy". I left with a big smile knowing that the future looked pretty bright. I can't wait!