Mustad Signature Series Hooks

Looking for comments on Mustad's Signature Fly Hook Series ( I'm thinking of tying several patterns on the Signature Series Circle Streamer hook (C71S SS.) Anybody have any input on using circle hooks for flies in the salt around here and, more specifically, this particular model?

As a side note, I like what Mustad has done with categorizing their hooks; I just wish there were some barbless options available. Crimping with the vice grips at the tying vice gets old after a few dozen.

Thanks in advance.


Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
I have tied some flies with them, and I am hoping to see a wider distribution of the new Mustads around here. They are nice and sharp, and equal if not exceeding Tiemco.

I have some circle hooks myself, and as yet, have not hooked anything on the few patterns I have tied up. But reports are good that they hook well and hold well without a barb, and without much action from the fisher. Basically they are self-setting hooks.

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