My Brother's New Favorite Color is PINK

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    My brother and I met on the Puyallup this morning for a little PINKY fun! My new saying is real men wear pink!

    Started the morning a little slow, not a nibble but a lot of snags. We found a few tree limbs but did not loose flies, but once. My bro let me start fishing below him, awww what a nice brother. Overall, we got four bright fish to the freezer, lost two others fair hooked at the bank, one I should have just pushed a little harder to beach for my bro, but it came undone, I grabbed it and it went between my legs. Sorry bro, my bad!

    My brother brought his switch rod that is a dream to cast, I brought my getto yellow switch that I had never caught anything on, till today! I think I love this rod. A few of the fish actually had us far into the running line, going down river to retrieve them. Most of those were snagged and released, even though they were bright as a new nickel. Don't want mister game warden watching us do something stupid. Even though everyone else and their brother is doing it.

    After a few hours of fishing we just took off flies and started casting lines on each rod to see what they like. On my brothers, he has a made line from SSG, I think, that is nice to cast but not for me. Guess I am a Skagit guy, cause I put on my 325gr short with a 10' 7 ips poly and it sailed through the air. I am one who still goes light on skagits for my switches. I think the rod is rated for 375-425. If I had more time to dial in my stroke, I think I could have done better. I had my 390 short in the truck but was to lazy to walk up and get it, that will be next time and there will be a next time!

    I know he will chime in on who the rod was built by and what weight. It is a beautiful golden yellow blank, handle is something I don't want to get dirty and the balance of a well tuned bow and it casts like one. Only if I could pry his damn hands off of it.

    Guess we were a little to nervous to put pressure on the fish that is why they led us down stream. After I got what I wanted I started to be a little bit more mean and not let the fish do what they wanted, guess show them who is boss. My little 12' 5wt that will bend into the handle on a 12" fish, showed them who was boss! Lot's of power for my little yellow one, darn proud of it, wish I would have taken more time on building it to make it look nicer. Looks are one thing, but how it casts and plays a fish is another!

    So I am signing off for now, so I can get a glass of whiskey, reminisce (sp) about a wonderful dfay with the bro and message my darn arm from all the activity!

    Asta my friends!

    Real men wear PINK!

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