My first (3) Steelhead!

It is with inexpressible sadness that I must report the death of my friend Otto (Highfly), whose car skidded off Hwy. 20 yesterday morning, on his way to fish the Sk-g-t River, and ended upside down in the pool under its well-known tributary stream, at Owl Creek Bridge.

According to reports, he was smiling.:eek:


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Mingo said:
Amazing. :thumb: :thumb: You'll make Porter seethe with jealousy :rofl: me too!
I don't seethe any more, I just accept my fate and then I bawling: bawling: bawling: Three WOW!!! :)

I see Jim Swan is nearing 8,000 ....ALREADY?
wow we re going to need tickets to the sk this weekend it promises to be a zoo think I'll wait till next wed planning to spend wed thru sat there one is great three a gift from some higher being congrats sir otto the native seducer
shoot i would of went straight to the store and bought a mega millions lotto in heart beat to see if the streak was still going:)
congrats on the 3 pigs!