My new boat

Still need an outboard...thinking a 50 horse merc but open question right now.
Had the dog, wife, two grandkids out on Lake Washington the other day but we tipped over the barbecue which put a damper on the outing.
Couple of tangled lines but not bad if we took turns.

2008 09 06_2230 (Medium).JPG
I have a few questions about your new "boat".
Which end does the motor go on, are you asleep in the photo, and, most importantly,:D do you have a life jacket!
That brown part behind me is the motor mount I built for it...very solid..4 1/2" bolts.
I'm not asleep...I'm meditating.
The life jacket is in the truck...I've never drowned on a lawn before so I didn't think I'd really need it for the pic.
I'll have to get some more pics when I get it outfitted completely.
Well it is just a little crowded with the grandkids, dog, and wife so I'll probably not bring the wife next time.
She gripes about the lack of toilet facilities though we did offer to bring the port-pottie.
I'll probably have to tow the gas can too
wow what a great boat. the first time I was ever fishing on a river I saw some guy in a boat like that hit a log jam get out and he carried his boat over the logjam got back in and continued to float down the river, there was remnants of about three different draft boats that had crashed on that same logjam.
for one man fishing that is about as practical as it gets