my past week


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had a pretty good past week out chasing birds. Lots of ducks, quail and a few pheasants :thumb:
Had to travel a lot to stay on limits of ducks, but it was worth the extra drive time to stay in the birds and shoot limits. My friends shot 4 bands in 3 hunts and we had some good times, as well as a few where i got a little pissed off :mad: but it was a good week for me overall.
Here are a couple of pictures.
I sure do love upland in the snow...

a sunrise back at the truck


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That's a mighty nice stack-o-birds...:thumb:

It looks like you've had a swell time afield, I must say I'm a bit jealous...


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Color me green with envy, too. Love that lab peeking out from inside the crate. One of these days I'm going to have to get into duck hunting. Two years ago I hunted the public gun pits at Toppenish WA and missed every shot at ducks, but I had a ball. This is the third weekend in a row in which I didn't take my setter hunting, and boy do I feel guilty.

Speaking on winter hunting, my wife and I are takling a LONG road trip to Iowa to visit the kids & grandkids for Christmas. I'm taking the pooch and I hope do to some late season pheasant huntng in Iowa. I hope it's not a deep freeze.


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#5! What type of quail are they...I saw a few running on the side of the road outside E-burg, but couldn't tell my dad what they were exactly...only that they were quail.

I too am heading back to the midwest for X-mas...plan on two days of hunting with my uncle and his dog Cain.


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They are California or Valley Quail. We have very few of any other types in WA. I dont believe we have any naturally reproducing Bobwhites(i have shot one) but we do have a few Mountain Quail... Which i would love to hunt if anyone wants to trade a hunt or fishing trip for...
man I'm jealous too. great pics and it looks like you had a ton of fun.

I had a plate and six screws removed from my arm about 4 weeks ago so a big chunk of my season has been spent watching hunting shows on the VS channel. I think my dogs are about ready to stage a coup.