Narrows 10/11


Left handed Gemini.
Went down to the beach on my way home, I could see jumpers as I crossed the bridge and when I arrived you could see fish but they were mostly out in the middle far far out of range, saw an eagle hit the water 3 times in a row trying to get one but it just wasn't its day. About 5 or so the fish started moving in closer and just as I finished a retrieve a fish came up about 20' down the beach from me and well within casting distance from the shore I just gave alittle toss out not even really a cast, 3 slow strips and a nice silver hit the fly, it was great I love sight fishing for salmon. I went without another hit for another hour and then the smaller fish came in chasing a school of bait caught 3 and then another nice silver took my fly it was just a little smaller than the first which I had kept so I decided to let it go. I really like the narrows, I get off work and a half hour later I'm fishing and so far this year the fish have been very kind to me, well not always, last night they were chasing huge schools of bait and totally ignored eveything I tossed out.