Narrows 10/4


Left handed Gemini.
Went out to the narrows yesterday afternoon, walked down the beach to the place I like to fish from it has room for a good backcast at high tide, so there I am casting away enjoying the veiw when I hear all this noise croaking and some really weird sounds I can't really describe, I look up and there coming down over the hill are like 8 heron all together just making a fuss circleing and sort of diving which is when I saw the eagle below them carrying a young heron it was still alive and struggleing, crying as it was carried to its doom. I had recently read an article somewhere that was talking about how now that the eagles were on a comeback that heron predation was in some places becoming a problem but had never witnessed it, it was sad but amazing at the same time, the young heron wasn't all that much smaller than the eagle. Oh yeah and the fishing was ok, caught some.