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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Luke Filmer, Sep 16, 2005.

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    Mar 12, 2004
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    Fished for 3 hours from the beach for anything that would hit my Clauser.
    I hiked south about a mile, and after being totally skunked finally started my way back.
    I heard a loud slap, and looked out into the water, and could see the swell from a monster silver about 10 yards out. I quickly pulled out the line on my rod, and started casting into it.
    After about the fifth cast I was stripping it in and felt a huge pull on my 7 wt.
    Then it swirled, and rose out with my fly in it's mouth!
    SAHWEEEET! It's on!
    I played about a 10 pound fish for 2 or 3 minutes , and I got him within a foot from the beach, and tried to horse him in.-Snap! :mad:
    Doh! I broke him off.
    At this point I decided I was not leaving until I hooked another one!!!!!
    I tied a new tippet, and fly on and started casting. After about 3 more casts there it was again. That all familiar tug back while stripping. I stuck him with a vengeance, and gave him plenty of room. This was a smaller fish of about 5 pounds. He buzzed me a few times, and finally tired out.
    I slid him up on the beach, and bonked his hatchery a$$.
    THE END :cool:
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    Thanks for the report, glad to hear that some is having some luck for those coho.