National Hunting and Fishing Day events for kids.

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    There are a few events coming up for kids to get them interested in the outdoors. I got to see last year's event in Wenatchee and it was a really neat opportunity for families/kids. Stations set up for kids included casting demos and practice, an archery range, an air rifle range, a .22 range, a shotgun/clays range, a calling station for turkey and mock electronic turkey hunt, some fish print arts and crafts station, and plenty of other educational booths and activities.

    This year there is a big event in Snohomish on September 23rd, hope some of you can check it out -

    And for those of you closer to Wenatchee, there is an event being held in Wenatchee at the North Central Washington Gun Club on the 16th.
    Also a flyer about it posted on the Wenatchee Sportsmen's Association page WSA

    Hopefully a few new hunters and anglers will come out of those events.