NE WA lake report (wordy)

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    Spent the holiday weekend camped on a little lake north of Spokane. Being new to the area, my first impression was the extreme beauty of the surroundings. Spectacular pine/fir/cedar forest and amazingly clear water in the lake.

    Friday evening I walked the fisherman’s trail around to the inlet and fished an olive willy on a dry line around the weeds. Most of the trout were 4-8” rainbows but I also got three cutts in the 12-15” range. I stopped fishing just before dark to walk back to camp for dinner with my wife.

    Saturday morning we aired up our watermasters and headed out to fish at the crack of 9am. The sun was up and a little breezed roughed up the surface. There were some tiny midges coming off, the shucks looked like #18/20 and some small olive mayflies, maybe #16/18. I rowed down to the inlet end and started fishing a grey hare’s ear on an intermediate line. I immediately hooked up with a healthy fish that rolled on the surface then ploughed down into the weeds and spit my bug. I got a handful of veggies back but no fish. I picked off a few cutts casting my nymph to risers but didn’t get anything really consistent. The wind came up around 10:30am and I switched to an indicator rig off a floating line. A #16 copper john twitched over the weeds got some attention and I got my best fish of the trip, a 17” cutt. Quit fishing for lunch and a nap. Went for a hike in the evening.

    Sunday morning I made my way down to the weedy end by 7:30am. I again started off with a hare’s ear on an intermediate but got no love. Switched up to an olive seal bugger and got one 12” cutt on the first cast then nothing. Tried a carey special, then an olive willy, again nothing. About 9am the wind picked up and I went back to my indicator rig. A doe with three fawns wandered near shore. As I was watching them have their breakfast, I missed a good takedown on my indicator. I cast out again and hooked up a nice 13” bow on an olive willy fished suspended 6’ deep over the weeds. Next cast got a 14” cutt. This continued for two more fish then nothing. I gave up around 11:30am to break camp and head home.

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