Neah Bay ?'s

So, I made reservations for the family to go stay at Hobuck Beach near Neah Bay during Labor Day Weekend. I've been to Neah Bay once before when I was younger, and I'm fully aware of the bottomfish and salmon possibilities that are available in the area. One of the other guys who is going is bringing his boat, but I think I'll be bringing the only fly rod(s). I'm wondering what kind of local opportunities there are from shore, or even river/lake. Are there surf perch around that area? SRC's? I'm kind of more comfortable fly fishing from the beach anyhow, so I'm just curious what options I would have over there. I also have a smal (10 foot) kayak with rodholder. Are there any sheltered areas where that would be safe? Thanks for any info ahead of time!!

Jon Backman


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Im thinking the same thing for next week actually. It will be a combination of camping at Hobuck and or staying at the cabins. I looked into renting a 16 open bow kicker boat out of Big Salmon for $135 a day. I think it will be fine to stick around the kelp beds and cast for Lings, and Rock Bass with the Fly Rod. You could also check out Seiku, from what I am told is alot calmer than Neah. I'll share a report once I get back.