Near Portland?

My brother just moved to Portland and is an avid fly fisherman. Does anyone know of:

1) Good resources like this excellent page but for Oregon
2) Places near Portland for trout or steelhead flyfishing

Thanks for any help!
Jeff Hi, I've yet to steelhead flyfish in the Portland area but have heard the Deschutes is worth looking at. The Kalama in Washington is reputed to have good runs and some descent bank access. Hope this helps. I was working in Beaverton just outside Portland last week. Beautiful area. Flyfisher Frank

o mykiss

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Depends on how you define "near." Deschutes is within a little more than a couple of hours and it rocks for trout and summer run steelhead (October and later are good times for steelies). I think the Sandy is much closer, and supposedly good for steelhead though I've never fished it. In the opposite direction (i.e., toward the coast), within an hour and a half or so, there are a number of coastal streams (Newhalem, Ecola, Gnat) that are supposed to be good for winter steelies (or that was what I was told by Kaufmann's). Never fished the latter or though - was hoping to in April when I was last down there but the coastal streams had mostly all closed down at end of March. Also there's the John Day River (Columbia River tributary northwest of Portland)that is supposed to be very good for steelies (can't remember which race, summer or winter, but probably the former). I would think that Kaufmann's in Tigard would be a good source of info for your brother.
Check out Lake Merrill in SW Wash. It should start to pick up here pretty soon. The Greased Line fly shop in Vancouver is the best source for hatch info. :BIGSMILE