Need a Lenice fanatic

I'm looking to pair up with a Lenice lake fanatic. I've fished it since the late '60's and need to connect with someone who has a similar addiction. I have a travel trailer and all the suitable equipment. I live in Tacoma and would like to go mid-week sometime between now and the end of October when Lenice closes. I'm retired and flexible as to when. Anyone?
Hi Dave:
I'm retired and flexible too, but I live in Coulee Country. You may already know, but Lenice and Nunnally are open until Nov. 30 this year, likewise for Dry Falls. Maybe I'll run into you one of these days at Lenice.
Wasn't aware of the extended Lenice season. Thanks! I recall fishing Lenice when competition with duck hunters was a problem. I need a "westside" person who likes to do some serious fishing and can share expenses for an assualt on the monsters that habitate the west end of Lenice in the evening. Dry Falls is appealing as well.

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I'm retired also but I'm not very flexible any more. When I retired I thought I could spend all my free time fishing. Well my free time vanished. I ended up with two grandkids. But if I have enough lead way I can always make plans.



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I have been over to lenice several times this year and plan on going more untill it gets too cold. I'd like to share info/fish with some people over there. I have most fridays/sat/ sunday's off. I might have trouble hooking several days together this fall but could in the spring. Give me an email [email protected].
Seems like all us "'ole guys" are in a similar fix. I'm beginning to feel like the surviving brother in Norman Maclean's "A River Runs Through It." Many of my fishing friends are either dead or no longer have the stamina to take to the water. I'm still very active and eager having done Lenice and other eastside lakes several times this year. I'd just like to find someone who is physically able and willing to pursue large trout. Seems a shame to have the time, money and equipment but no one to share the experience. I'm a long-time memeber of the fly fishing club in Tacoma but even then, I'm not finding people who are willing to actually fish. Many of them would rather talk about it rather than do it!
Hi Dave:

I know what you mean! I seem to lose one or two flyfishing friends every year. Anyway, there should be a pretty good group of us "old timers" down there the week of the 20th. Look for the Water Otters and a SuperCat if you happen to be there then. Tight Lines!!
I may go over to Lenice this weekend with a few friends. You are more than welcome to join us, provided you can tolerate some bad jokes. If I show up, I will be fishing from a blue Outcast pontoon boat and will be with a guy in an aluminum two seat boat. Hopefully,
I will see you there. You know what they say, the more people who back out, the better the fishing. You have nothing to worry about.. sounds like you have a well of good fishing karma built up. Good Luck!

Well, I couldn't put together a trip to Lenice or the Yak BUT I did go crabbing in Hood Canal. BTW, crabs are pretty hard to catch on a fly! :BIGSMILE Seriously, if you can lower yourself to use bait, there is no better eating than Dungeness!