FS Need Cataraft Tubes

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Ed Call

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My rolled and stored cataraft tubes were chewed terribly by rodents. Both 14' and 12' tubes are now useless.
Insurance company won't allow a claim for damage by animals. What a waste of premiums.

What tubes of these size might you have available. I'm in need of tubes to take my daughters on the river. Thanks for letting me know what you have available. Thank you greatly.
Can't help with the tubes but here's an effective way to control the firkin rats and mice. I don't like poisoning rodents since this goes down the food chain and messes up the natural predators.

Get some five gallon buckets and about a 4-5 foot piece of 4" PVC drain pipe (the kind with holes in it) for each bucket. Cut a notch in one end of the pipe so it fits over the edge of the bucket without falling off. Fill the bucket halfway with water, rub some peanut butter on the side of the bucket opposite of the pipe. The mice or firkin rats smell the PB, jump in and drowned. Just don't overfill the bucket or block too much of the pipe. Set the pipe entry near a wall.

Last tip is don't dump it every time you catch one. Maybe the smell attracts more or they just want to check on their buddy takin a swim. When you have a few just dump them and let the natural predators have a tenderized & waterlogged snack.

I've done this for a couple years and the rodents are under control. I get some bobcat, fox and the occasional coyote hanging around but that's ok by me.

Big E

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While not a two person, I have a Fishcat Discovery 10-IR like new that I'd let go for a song. I think I've had it out twice...

During winter, I keep my tubes in a large plastic tub (50 gal) with cam strap to keep the lid on just in case.
Didn't help much when inflated and the sun came out and the cover burst. Outcast was less than worthless.
Big E. What song exactly? I know several...
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