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I decided to pick up a couple inexpensive 10' 6wt rod/reel set-ups for heavy indicator trout fishing for my brothers / friends to use when they show up with less than optimal equipment for the task.

I have the rods and reels in hand but am trying to decide on what lines to grab. I think DT7 or DT8 is what I will end up with just for the roll casting and mending advantages of thick heavy line in hand and ability to turn over lots of junk.

Of the budget lines out there, which ones have the most "floaty" tips on them? There are some Cortland 333+ DT lines on closeout that are affordable............ how well do they stay up?

What about RIO Mainstream DT lines, how well do those tips float?

Any Budget SA DT lines that float well all day?

I am mostly an Airflo guy myself, and have tried a budget DT8 Velocity on one of my beater Nymph rigs last year ............ not the best floating line / tip on the planet. I'm not spending $80 each on new Super-Dri Mend lines for loaner rods either.

Opinions more than welcome...............


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I don't think one needs to spend a lot to get a durable fly line that performs well these days. However, I am not partial to the Cortland 333 series altho some guys like them. For a budget line I think you might find the house label lines at Hook & Hackle quite serviceable. If the tip isn't "floaty" enough for you, cut it back a ways until it is.

Salmo_g's got the idea. Double tapers are not a handicap for the moderate distance of nymphing rig casts. And the skinny tip you'd want when fishing little dry flies is of no help, and is quick to go subsurface. I've made several nymphing lines by cutting back some or all of the front taper (a great repurposing for cheap or old lines).

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I have a Rio Mainstream line. But it's a weight forward. And your right. It is a cheap line but I like it because I'm cheap. It floats alright. But mine is a 3wt. I've had it for about three years now and have to dress it in the beginning of the fishing year.
Check out the Cabela's Prestige Premier and Prestige Plus series of fly lines. The new lines are made by Rio, have welded loops, high flotation tips, etc. and if you don't need them now they are sure to go on sale at some point. A lot of fly line for the money. Also, they don't have the memory issues of the older lines which were made by Scientific Anglers.

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I had Rio Mainstream WF-4 and loved it on every 4wt I tried it on. So I got Mainstream DT-6 and couldn't cast it quite right. I have always liked DT lines for nymphing, but not that one!