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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jordan Simpson, Mar 18, 2014.

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    A friend of mine and his friend are doing some trips coming up, I think partially for business and they're going to try and mix in some fishing.

    He is headed to Key West and was looking for some Tarpon and Permit fly fishing. I've never been there before, but told him I'd see if anyone on here ever has.
    Can anyone suggest a guide or fly shop over there for Tarpon and Permit?

    He is also looking to do some deep-sea fishing in Key West or Sarasota as well.

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    I was there in 2010. I fished with Almost There Charters. I was the only fly fisherman in the group I was with so I didnt get to fly fish at all. They did offer it and I'm sure they still do. When I make it back to te Keys I'll be calling them! I couldn't help but put some pics from the trip up. And a link to their site. The tarpon in my hands is about 15-20lbs the jumping picture is at the end of a 50+ minute fight that we lost :( our guide Steve said it was between 180-200! And the cobia were awesome and TASTY!

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    You might try All about the fly and a great active and knowledgeable guide. Each year he puts me unto ery large Tarpon and reds
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    i would recommend finding someone who focuses on fly fishing, especially for tough species like tarpon and permit. if you want to fly fish you want to go with a fly fishing guide.

    also, practice your casting like crazy before going. seeing a large tarpon swimming in shallow water will likely mess up your first couple casts regardless of practice, but if you can hit small targets consistently with an 11wt at 25', 50', and 75' you will have a much better shot once you calm down a bit. i would also recommend at least booking a minimum of 2 days to give yourself the best chance since the first day will be so new for most fly fishermen (my choice would be minimum of 4 days).

    as for deep sea fishing, i would choose the keys since deep water is much closer than up the gulf in sarasota and you will have a better shot at tuna, dolphin, sails, etc. again, no specifics on charters but maybe call one of the two fly shops in key west for some recommendations.
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