Need to sell this stuff

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I need to sell the rest of my fly fishing stuff in order to pay bills. I am open to offers. All prices are shipped in the lower 48 and buyer pays the paypal transaction fee. NO TRADES PERIOD.

4. Next is my fly collection 227 streamers, dry's, nymphs, and what ever else is there. I tied some most are bought. I just spent $250 on new flies not counting the 2 new boxes when I bought the rod. Most flies have never been cast. Asking $400 for all of it with the 2 SA boxes.

5. Shimano Curado Reel 2007 model with a carbontex drag installed. I love this thing but things must go. Asking $100

6. 6 Spoon collection most are new variety of Blue Fox spoons . Asking $16

7. 10 Mad River jigs with RVR jig head hooks painted white. asking $16

8. 13 Spinners mostly Blue Fox sizes 3-5 but a few other steelhead ones also. asking $20

9. 11 Plugs the Kwik Fish are unfished as with most of the others. I only fished 3 and they have the teeth marks to prove it. asking $25

10. Next is my lead slinkies. All use 300 weight lead balls. How many of each with amount of balls 1 ball- 21, 2 ball- 25, 3 ball- 23, 4 ball- 18, 6 ball- 12, 8 ball- 11, 10 ball- 12, 12 ball- 12 Asking $250 since a lot of time when in making them along with shipping going to cost a bit on them also will include left over weight supplies about 1/2-3/4 bottle of 300 weights balls and over 10ft of parachute cord.

11. William Joseph Chest Pack I got in a trade but could never stand it. asking $80

13. My float fishing box 7 jigs 2 bobbers some trout weight and a few bobber stops asking $20

14. My Corkie Collection I really have no clue how many I have just a ton and some 1-3ought gama hooks. Some beads, toothpicks, and rags. Asking$ 30

Again I need to get this stuff gone so my family can pay bills till I find work again.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Jmills, it sucks, I've been in his shoes. Sold off most of my boats, most of my rods, most of my guns, and alot of misc stuff. Sucks for sure.
Yeah I was thinking of Ifish or Piscitorial Pursuits but would rather stay here. If it sells it does if not then I will find another way to get money. Yeah been out of work for 10 months now to to a drunk driver hitting me and now no one will hire me because I have been unemployed so long. Life goes on though.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Well, just figured those are primarily gear sites, so you'd probably sell them ALOT faster there. I know what it's like being in your shoes. So figured if you needed money for bills, those sites will move that gear faster. Now your flystuff of course will sell faster here.


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You probably sell the wrapper in about two seconds on Good luck with the job thing. My GF has been out of work since Aug last year. Actually about 5 or so friends are out of work now. But statistics show the people loosing job is slowing. :thumb:
Only thing I hate is I got screwed on unemployment from my previous employer. Didn't think getting hit by a drunk driver would screw my life up this bad. Man if I had a dollar for every time I was told I was over qualified I would be rich lol. The wrapper is pretty much sold. I haven't quite hit the point where I need money that bad just if it sells at this point it helps if not I won't be to hurt but next month could be a different story lol.
I know how it feels to sell gear to eat and keep the power on. Times are hard. I hope you can find a generous buyer who is in a good fincial position. Fishers helping fishers and getting a good deal at the same time!
I would Love to help and buy some gear, but my parents have it rough right now. ONce you get out of this slump and are restalking your gear, Ill gladly whip up some flies if you want
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