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    After some discussion here and a few trips to various stores I decided I could build a better mouse trap anchor. I wanted a system I could release if it got hung up but cheap, no lead, and less weight than chain. Here are some pictures if what I ended with.

    It's a 1 gallon plastic bottle. Inside is concrete. The flutes are 1/8 inch mild steel with holes drilled in them to weaken them. In the event they get stuck the plan is to pull HARD and they bend out of position. After I can bend them back or just put on a new one. It's painted orange just to make it easier to see.

    The only draw back I've seen so far is when I left it dangle too low I couldn't pull the boat onto the trailer (drift boat on a flat bed trailer)

    I haven't tried it in a river yet, but in a lake twice with the wind piping up it didn't budge until I had pulled in enough line that the scope was next to nothing.

    Parts: 1/3 bag of concrete mix. an empty bottle from my recycle bin, one eye bolt (bent so it won't pull out of the concrete), wooden dowel pieces with cheeks ground into it so they won't pull out of the concrete, 1/4 inch bolt (bent so it won't pull out) and some paint.

    It's 25 lbs and it's cheap like me.

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    Aesthetically I don't like it, but can't for the life of me see why it wouldn't work! It's kind of a neat idea, and I'd like to hear how it works on rivers with high flows like the Yak in summer mode. Lugging around the chain isn't fun, and I'd also like something I could sacrifice if it got hung up on the riprap in the canyon. You could also use smaller bottles for lighter craft like Watermasters. Altogether not a bad idea at all!
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    Very clever and well thought out