New Fishing Rig. "mini"

Any hydraulic that hits the side of your boat will flush over your tubes. When sitting higher up you stay drier. If the small creeks have no rapids or hydraulic then it's a non-issue obviously.

I'm a huge proponent of proper rowing egronomics, so when rowing backwards(blades in water) your oar handles should be a mid chest level. If it's higher(shoulder level), then your power is greatly reduced and you become fatigued more quickly. If it's too low, then you don't have the clearance from your legs.

If that frame works then it must be wider than the boat looks and the tube diameter smaller?

Another thing to consider is quick egress from your boat, if you need to land on shore due to a terminal hazard(strainer/log jam). You're probably way more agile than me, so maybe not a concern for you.

I hope you're not taking my feedback as criticism, just offering some advice.
Nice rig.

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Here's another thought that Darren's post got me thinking - if you need to stand up for whatever reason in the raft, whether to scout, or maybe fly fishing out of the raft in easy class 1 water, or whatever, having a higher seat & higher seat bar behind you - if you rest your legs against it when you stand up it will function as a bit of a rear lean bar if it's fair to say (just a bit of rear lean on your part into the bar/seat), to help you with balance. With the current drop bar that is not possible (unless you spread eagle and lean against the drop part of the bars).