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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by 4tortuga, Dec 27, 2012.

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    I purchased a 12' Catchercraft 2 Salt Steelhead in the spring and really have not floated rivers very much. Many due to lack of free time. I used it quite a bit in the gorge this summer, mostly still water. I did get out and float the Sandy today and it handled sweet! The frame is cut really narrow. The guy I bought it from had it custom made to fit in the back of his truck. I could make it wider but not sure if I really need to. How much more stability would be gained by adding say another 12" width? I think I may be looking to add a pedestal seat. I feel a little tight when rowing and am not sure if the oars are to long for the width. Will raising the seat help with this? I love the front seat you can see by flipping it around I added a little more deck. Right now I'm just using plywood flooring. Do you guys have any suggestions? I'm not sure about the diamond plate in the hot summer and cold winter. If any of you guys float the Wilson or Sandy and would like some company let me know.

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    I am an admitted boat whore! That is a sweet ride. You can add width to that craft and it will give you a lot more space. It will also stablize it from side to side. Wider will require a trailer or disassembly. Wider will require longer oars, unless yours are too long and then they would be fine. Wider would require you to skip the narrow spots on the river. I have a boat similar to that in 14' length, and it is only about 28" between the tubes. I love it.

    Flooring: If your plywood is marine grade, load bearing and you like it, take it off, bring it to a LineX place and get it sprayed all sides, including inside any holes in the wood where you run straps. Trust me. Mark Walker, a friend here, told me to do that and I did. Smartest move ever! Get them to spray it after they are done with the truck bed jobs with the little bit extra mixed up. If you are not in a hurry, they can spray a bit at a time until done for cheap. Get the textured version, not smooth, never worry about traction, studs won't harm it and it is guaranteed for life!

    I like my fred flintsone hole in front of my rowing pod. No floor, open for my feet. I have a footbar, and a scouting step on which to stand. I like that when it gets thin, I can step into the hole, release the load by 225# and then walk the boat easily over the shallows. Cant do that in a raft or drift boat!
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    If I'd known the patch kit was for a Skookum, I'd never have sent you the patch kit. :D

    Kidding aside, it would not be too difficult adding extra width in the cross members to get a wider boat. It would add stability and provide more space. But you'll probably have to get a trailer for it or be stuck with set up and take down each time. You will likely need new floors and possibly longer oars, depending on your current length and personal preference. If you do want to put a new seat in, be careful with the height. If you go too high, you might mess up the positioning as the oar tower height is not really adjustable unless you can use a spacer of some kind.

    We have been offering diamond plate floors for about 6 months now and I really like them. I had heard they were hot in the summer but I have not found that to be the case. Unless you are barefoot, it shouldn't be an issue. Same thing with winter...yeah, it is cold but you won't be barefoot either. I did like the Line-X floors too but the material did add some extra weight.

    Hope that helps.