NFR New guy.


Joe Streamer
Now that was a great first set of posts, Aaron. You'll fit in well here me thinks.

BTW, I'm from the Chicago area, so we've probably fished many of the same spots in that region. Fishing is both better (more fast cold rivers, better scenery, year-round opportunities) and worse (sterile environment = smaller fish in most waters, not as good warmwater fishing, salmon and steelhead are mostly either Endangered or endangered). But once you get the rhythm of the region, it turns into a very nice place to wet a line. In fact, I'll send you a PM with spots to get you started now.
You guys are awesome! Best welcome I've ever received on a forum. Looking forward to meeting some of you tuesday hopefully and others when time permits. Thanks again for all the tips and good words.
I'm glad Bill Aubrey sent you a private message. He probably mentioned Puget Sound Fly Fishers. Our next meeting is Thursday Feb 14. We have lots of free classes as well.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Welcome to one of the best sites for fly fishing in the USA. But every bodies telling you they are sending a PM. We don't use them anymore. And bad habits are hard to break. They are called "starting a conversation". Although PM was faster to say than the other longer words.
Welcome aboard mate.
I'll show ya one of my favorite spots.
You'll have to come to the dry side.
Then when you find some favorite spots for SRC's I'll drive to the wet side.