Pattern New Improved Obama Pupa

Well, I received some valid criticism on my Obama Green Caddis Pupa, so I put a little more time in and did some minor tweaking. I think this is much better.


Many fish coup
The "Obama" looks "promising" and has slight "stimulus" but I have my doubts about it's effectiveness in the future. Probably not any better than any of it's predecessors...........:D


Many fish coup
Seriously, that's a great looking fly DS!

Originally Posted by colton rogers
what makes it an obama pupa why not put an egg sack on it and call it HILLARY PINK CADDIS PUPA

You'd have to give it thicker legs for the HILLARY.
Its been done. The barack obamanator Ask jessy calderon about his dual egg sucking leach... Two black rabbit hair leaches sucking on the same egg. last aug. but nice fly, love it
I dunno something meaningful would be cool. Oh, woops, I forgot this is supposed to some historic moment and all. I was thinkin' emergent rockworm or somethin'.