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I would actually echo OMJs comments re keeping it close to home. Being in N Kirkland it's just as easy for you to get to the upper SF of the Snoqualmie where you'll not only learn a lot with willing fish, you'll also find cool picnic spots for wife and kids right on top of fishy water.
Thank you. Any particular place you recommend to go first as a beginner? Any tips appreciated. Happy to make a trek: part of the fun.
Good point. I was in Sun River a fortnight ago and the shop there said the same thing. M<y buddy likes to float tube and he thinks sinking would be good to start. Should I get a second spool?
Thank you for the invite. I will take you up on the offer. I float tubed Cottage last night and actually got a bite so good start.


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Yea definitely. I have an extra reel with floating line on it you can use. PM me and we can set it up. We only have a few weeks left to hit the Cedar, and then I will be mostly on the forks and the green.

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. . . I have my grandfather's old rod: the avid angler thinks it is a 6 or 7 weight. they put a sinking line on it.
Any idea what make rod it might be? How old? Is it graphite, fiberglass or bamboo?

You didn't mention a reel. Did grandpa's rod come with one? If so, what make and was there a line on it? If not, why did Avid seem to think you needed a sinking line, especially on an older rod?

Inquiring minds want to know . . .