New Monroe Fly Fishing Club

Our first meeting will be tuesday March 14th @ 7:00 pm and will be
hosted @ all About the Fly in Monroe on Main st. the presentation will
be by Guide Davey Mcoy and will cover the local trout angle. For more info please Contact Tom O'Riley 360-568-2230
I would love to come, but do you realize that is the same time as the TU meeting just around the corner? Is this on purpose?
This is just the start unfortunaly there are limited nites and meeting spaces so for know we picked this one But nothing is set in stone as I said this is a new club so the members who join us will decide these issues Thankyou for your comments please come out and help us be a success

The first meeting went well last night. I'd say a bout 20 or more guys showed up. We got to view a great slide presentation on local fishing by Dave McCoy, the owner of Emeral Water Anglers.

Good meeting a few of you from the board there.

Tom, have Scoones drop me an email when you get all the website stuff set up.
Thankyou to all who were able to attend our first meeting, it was a big succsess Dave gave us a great presentation and there was alot of enthusiasum. I look forward to the next meeting also thanks again to all those who volenterred to help with the web site design and email if you have any input It will be greatly appreciated. Just drop me a note with your thoughts. Our next meeting will be tuesday April 11th @ 7:00 pm @ All About the Fly Come on out and bring a freind.