New Outcast Prototype Boat

So I liked the Outcast Facebook page a while back (I own one, go figure) so I see some of their posts and what not every so often. They just the other day they posted a picture of a guy with a trout that was captioned "Putting in hard days work prototype testing." And there was an Outcast boat behind him that had some interesting things going on, but you couldn't see the entire boat. It looked like some type of hybrid frameless boat with perhaps a mini-frame or something, tough to tell. It has some attributes of the new AIRE Sabertooth 12' frameless cat (for paddle rafting mainly) but perhaps slightly reduced length, but it had some kind of a weird black inflatable cross member with a leafield valve, but you also could clearly see what looks like oar locks to the right side of the picture but it was unclear how they were affixed to the boat - if it was some kind of a frame or what. Anyone heard anything or know anything? Looks interesting that's for sure. Have a look:



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It does look like it could be a smaller version of the Sabertooth. An inflatable lean bar is genius! Looks like I might need to sell some boats.


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If it is an inflatable lean bar why did they not make it bladderless ? That has to be the damnedest bladder to get in through that zipper on the side.:eek:
If you look at the inflatable lean bar, (or what we suspect to be an inflatable lean bar), it looks as though the zippered section that runs parallel to the boat sits in some sort of an aluminum cradle. I wonder if this is part of some type of aluminum sub frame that runs over to what appears to be oars inside traditional horn style oar locks (you can see one oar lock with what appears to be an oar in it on the right side of the picture just over the left shoulder (his left) of the guy holding the fish.
I would hope, and think, that while Outcast now officially produces 3 single man frameless craft now (Commander, Stealth Pro, Scout) that utilize oar pads with pin style oar locks, that being as conservative and conscientious as they are with respect to liability and safety, that they wouldn't design or produce a craft that can move much more than one person and some gear with this inferior oarlock system compared to traditional oar lock systems found on framed boats (pin & clip, or horn style) which are stronger, safer, proven, and more reliable in river environments. I would imagine they may have reached their limit or threshold in this regard with this type of oar system in producing just single man craft, or at least I would hope that would be the case.

Subsequently, some of the angling pontoon craft market "demands" craft that are lighter weight, easier to store, and easier/quicker to transport and set up and this may be what this craft is going for based on some speculation by myself:

I am only speculating based on the above picture, but after some pondering and based on some of what I know about Outcast and AIRE, it looks to me like a frameless craft that is probably around 10-11 feet long with a similar design to to the relatively new AIRE Sabertooth - pontoons with heavy inflatable cross members. It has an inflatable lean bar for the caster up front, and it will possibly have some type of quick to assemble and install aluminum mini- subframe that can facilitate utilizing traditional oar locks. Just a hunch anyways.