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I debated bragging about this one and then said to myself, "why not?"

The newest resident in the Orvis Gold safe is a Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 in 28 bore. She sports 28 inch variable choke barrels. Petite framed with a pistol grip and selectable single trigger. I haven't weighed it yet, but I suspect a sub 6 pound weight. Coin finished receiver, decent furniture, and a suitable pad.

I just happened to score a butt load of AA compression formed hulls and I'm stuffing some with 13 grains of 20/28 powder which should push the 3/4 ounce of lead at about 1200fps. Grouse should start saying their prayers soon, as the season is only 3 weeks away. Between this little girl and her big sister, the 20 bore RBL, no bird is safe this year.

With no further adieu...


Ron McNeal

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I don't hunt and know very little about guns, but that is beautiful. Wonderful finish on the wood. The rug's not too shabby either.

Jim Ficklin

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Very nice, Roper. Hopefully there's a bumper crop of aerobatic mountain chickens awaiting the christening. BTW, when shooting lead or NICE shot, I have had good results choking my 28 doubles improved & full.
What a nice addition. Almost too pretty to take out. I have an older 20ga citori that usually gets the nod for grouse work. It is short and light. Glad you and Chick could get together on the hulls. I will profit from the Fiocchi hulls that were in the mix when Chick is back on his feet. My 28 is an 870 so I like some hulls I don't mind losing.

Tool Fly

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Dang, that is sweet. I shoot a 686 Onxy in 12 ga. field grade and think THAT feels light. I can only imagine how nice your 28 will be in the field. Enjoy!