New Rod - Semi-Skunk Off - Cowlitz Report

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Tom Martin, Sep 22, 2011.

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    Got a new ARE 7/8 and have been to the Cowlitz twice to get it broke in. No fish love the first day, but today, I got some semi love... lots of cutts, must have caught 10-12 in the afternoon, no big fish, although I lost one...

    I got the ARE and ordered a 455 grain 34.1 feet custom line from Steve Godschall and love it. It also threw a 550 skagit with 10' sink tip very well. today I was using a Delta 7/8 and it was great. I love not having to strip a bunch of line in between casts. I was able to keep all the head out (55') plus 10' poly and 4' of tippet, without any issues. Could get 70' plus leader out, if I had he room behind me... so it was just cast and fish....

    Blue Creek was full of fly guys, about 10 or so, most with spey rods. Only about 4 hardware guys. Most fly guys I have seen there. They had a conga line going, and I could have tagged on the end, but I was there to get casting practice as must as catch fish, so I went down to Mission Bar. That place doesn't hold a lot of fish, but it's lonely, no crowds and decent water to cast in, especially below the riffle. I lost a steel in the top of the riffle on Tuesday and caught a couple of cutts below it today. Mostly just working on geting a correct anchor and tight loops...

    Then I found about about another place to walk-in. One thing I have discovered is that if you get about 200 yards from a parking lot, there are a lot less people there :thumb: So I gave it a try, no good wading water, but not much brush on the bank, mostly gravel bar, so good casting area. Water can go from knee deep to 8-10' in one step, so got to be careful... but that is where I caught all the cutts. Saw plenty of steel and salmon holding below the fast water, but they were tight lipped... sure wish I had brought my 3/4 switch that would have been a blast.. well next week maybe...