New State Wild Steelhead Plan

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Cougar97, Mar 10, 2008.

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    Coug, thanks for posting.

    The problem here, to quote a friend, is "...our agencies are accommodating harvest not conservation..." What you do not see is strong language supporting No Take, No Kill of wild steelhead. What you do see are more of the same rhetoric...

    "...NOAA Fisheries cited loss of freshwater habitat from land-development practices as the principle threat to wild steelhead. The new statewide management plan directs WDFW to sharpen its focus on steelhead conservation through habitat-restoration programs and enforcement of state fish-passage laws.

    The statewide plan also sets new standards for fisheries management, although many of the strategies it recommends are already in evidence on the fishing grounds...

    Irrespective of movement toward habitat , and land development issues, they have once again abdicated their responsibility to protect what wild fish are left. AND WE LET THEM DO IT!

    Sure, go after land use, go after fresh water habitat, BUT until the wild runs are restored, do not let anyone else kill them!!!

    Please do not allow our fisheries managers to succeed in their misdirection and obfuscation of the issues.

    It is not OK to continue to let anyone kill any more wild steelhead - whether you label them "bycatch", or "incidental" or any other vague term.

    It is time for sport fishermen to get our message heard. It is no longer acceptable to employ methods that kill wild steelhead. Period.

    Sustainable practices, Selective methods.
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    For Christ's sake, what is wrong with the WDFW? If a moratorium is still not part of the new management plan, what is the probability of it having any serious chance of achievement?

    I have not read the report in full, I'm hopefull that somehow I've missed what I was hoping to be the one sentence included within the report - "a statewide moratorium on the killing of wild steelhead", regardless of ethnicity! :mad: Maybe it's time to "gut" the WDFW!
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    This is BS,

    "The statewide plan also sets new standards for fisheries management, although many of the strategies it recommends are already in evidence on the fishing grounds. Since the mid-1990s, for example, the selective fishing rules, requiring the release of wild, unmarked steelhead, have played a major role in protecting wild stocks and genetic traits critical to their survival.

    For that reason, NOAA Fisheries did not find fisheries to present a significant risk to wild steelhead in last year’s ESA listing of Puget Sound stocks.

    Not a single mention of netting in the whole article! If fisheries didn't have an impact, then nets were definitely excluded from the use of the term "fisheries".
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    everything anyone has to know about the WDFW or the ODFW is that the policy is set by commissioners who are in the pocket of commercial interests. conservation has NEVER trumped harvest.

    want a change? change the commissioners, they are political appointees afterall.
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    I think that it would be great if they just changed a lot more WA rivers to selective gear rules, like the upper Hoh and stopped the "one wild fish per year" crap. Its amazing how many people kill wild steelhead when legal.