New (to me) Driftboat.

Just picked up a used drift boat from from Fish hunter.
Got 2 Questions.
Where do I go to get gear for it?
Where do I take the Wife for a easy day trip drift?
I have lots of time on oars, Just not with this boat. Plus I want The Wife/rowing partner to get some practice.
I am soooooooooooo ready for fall on the Yak.

David Loy

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Jeff - Not sure what gear you need. I know that 90% of what you'll find in West Marine type boat stores is not what you need for DBs. Talking oars and oar locks here. Jim at Lavro (and his Wife I'd add) know a ton about DB oars and have a reasonable selection. Jim probably has anchors too. The other option I found was NRS in Idaho. They have a decent web site and you can get oars & oar accessories (weights, rights, etc) there. The "normal" boat stores are fine for lines and other googaws (like a "pocket puller" for crab pots, drogue, or 2nd anchor, etc).
I'm all ears for other suggestions though because it's tougher than it should be finding DB gear.
I know that you can hit the Hyde, Clackacraft, & Willie web sites and order some accessories from them as well.
I've found DB gear at various places including Joes, Bi-Mart, and Fishermans Marine. Clackacraft has most anything you might ever need. Trailer bearings and seals I'd recommend Applied Industrial Technologies. Lakes are good for rowing practice for your rowing partner.

James Mello

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If you're in Edmonds and want to do some easy river work, the lower sky isn't a bad place. Also the lower Sno, below the falls is pretty slow water that you can get used to the way the boat is running....
Thanks for the info. I'm looking for some lighter oars and rights. Also because She's only 5'5" and I'm 6'6" we will need a adjustable oar lock bracket. right now there is only one location for the oar locks.

Haven't been on the Sky. yet. How long of a drift is it form The Bridge below Sultan to Munro?
Anything to watch out for?