Im currently looking into purchasing a spey rod/reel/line and need some guidance. I took a lesson just recently and now im hooked. I currently own a 9'6 8 weight that I use on the Salmon River in Idhao and find it a little bit to much some times. Looking at getting something low on the dollar scale.

CNF-1307SP 13'0" 7/8
CNF-1308SP 13'0" 8/9

CNF-1306 13'0" 6/7
CNF-1308 13'0" 8/9

I will be fishing mostly the Salmon River in Idhao for steelhead but still want to go after the trouts In Idaho and Utah.

How does the rating system work with CND? Is a 6/7 a 6 or a 7?

Reel Opinions?
Line Opinions?


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Do you fish the upper Salmon, North Fork area? Or further up for the spring season? Either way those fish are aweful tired. Going to a 'trout' spey isn't going to miraculously make them fight.

I have experience with the expert 6/7 and 8/9. None with the Custom 7/8 but own the 8/9. The 8/9 custom is a full on steelhead rod. It'll handle just about anything you can throw at it. I would call the expert 8/9 to be on the light side of things (its pretty soft and slow), but still way too much rod to be considered for trout.

The expert 6/7 would be plenty of rod for those upper Salmon steelhead. And is OK for trout fishing. It would be the best compromise for the rods listed. A lot of guys like the Rio Windcutter Spey 5/6 on the rod (that is pretty analogous to a WF8 in single hand terms). I would use a DT6 on the rod for trout fishing. But I like to cast off the top half of a two hander and don't care for it loading to the cork.

Even though it's more $$$, another option is the Loomis Metolius 13'4" trout spey. Still plenty-o-rod for those tired steelhead and also a very nice rod for trout fishing on the large rivers. I have messed around with a short two hander (12') on the Provo during run off and no matter what it's too long to be anything other than a hindrance. The Green is about it, in Utah, where you can get away with a two hander for trout without it being rediculous overkill. However plenty of large trout streams north of SLC where a two hander is fun enough for troutski's.


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If you don't want to spend to much,try looking at the TFO spey rod. It is a 12'6" 6wt. And I am reading nothing but good reviews on it. Everybody that has tried it has liked it. Going price is about $250.00 and change. If I wasn't so against spey rod fishing I would probably get one.



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It depends on the line too. I've fished the CND Expert and Custom 13 foot 8/9 and I think it takes an 8/9/10 Rio Windcutter line just fine; I consider that an eight weight line. I would strongly encourage you to use a slightly shorter head line like the Windcutter; it can do anything you need and will rapidly speed up your learning. A shorter rod (like 13 feet) fits elegantly with a shorter line.

I haven't fished the Salmon, but are you sure a 13 foot rod is long enough? If 70-80 foot casts are enough for you, then that should be fine, but you will be casting "fishing distances" sooner with a slightly longer rod.
I'd match the rod to the fish, not so much the river, since even short 12-13' spey rods can cast 90 ft fairly easily. Most landed fish will be hooked within 30 ft. At least for the first couple seasons. Since you target summer runs and don't need to dredge huge flies and super heavy tips, I'd go light like the 7. You may feel more control with a lighter rod too. Just a suggestion from a dude in his 3rd season of spey fishing. Not a pro like many on this site. I have a 'big' spey but always reach for the 7 wt. Good luck!
I don't see much CND advice here. Call Aaron at River Run, he carries CND. If you are looking for an inexpensive spey set up, Andy has a 13' 7/8 on the classifieds, which is a good rod (I have one just like it). I also have an extra reel and line for that rod if you go that route.
I have a Tioga Grant Teton 10 with a Rio Mid Spey (for multi-tips, but I'm keeping the tips). I think I just paid $65 for the line before I found my old, identical, reel (I know, Aaron, you told me it would show up, but why was it in my ski bag?). I don't even know what the reel retails for.

Here's a link of closed eBay auctions for them:

One with an extra spool sold for $165, and a #8 spool sold for for $34. I tried calling the shop but they're not open (All About the Fly sells this reel). $180 and you talk me down to $175?

As I said, I know this works great on the St. Croix Andy has in the classifieds, because this is my set exact up. What ever you get, get the rod first, and then run lines through it, because getting the rod/line set up correctly in spey fishing is HUGE. Even at the recent CND clave, some of those rods were uncastable with the wrong lines (not just for me, for some of the demonstrators), but they were sublime with the right combo. In fact, I'd just spent a week with a CND and the wrong line and hated it, but on relining it there, I found it to be a very enjoyable rod. And, as much as I would like to sell my extra setup, you should go talk to Aaron. He da man.