New tying vises for 2005

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I don't know about these but I got for Christmas a Peak Rotary vise. It has a write up on the home page. So far it serves my purpose.



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Jim, I just bought one from Cabela's with my gift card. It looks pretty nice and it looks like it will serve my tying purposes also. Any other feedback on the vise itself? I saw the review and thought it was pretty indepth. Plus, you can't beat the price considering it's a rotary cam.



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I just received three new vises from Griffin for a product review. Of the three (Montana Mongoose, Blackfoot Mongoose and Montana Pro), the only one I've had the opportunity to use is the Montana Mongoose. It's a full rotary with cam-operated jaws and a real delight to use. When I've had a chance to use them all, I'll have some comments.