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Hi all - new to the wff forumns, but have been nosing around a bit and it looks as though there is alot of knowledge and experience among the members. And with that - I will be taking delivery of our new 16 SSG Clackacraft next week - I'm outfitting her with a 101# minn kota riptide. I'm concidering doing the mission bar to I-5 drift on the Cowlitz as my 'first drift' - Would this be a good choice for my first drift or - would there be something better?

Thanks - mb
That is an easy first drift with a lot of great holes. Both launches are solid. I personally prefer blue creek to i5 for a good long day.
Now you got my attention, isaacfab. Where's the I-5 takeout. My buddy just received his new Assault and I need to introduce him to floating.
It is just past the bridge on the south side. The best spot past mission is the 'rocks' . it is interesting that most people pull out at mission because I have the most luck further down and I almost only see locals in that strech.


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BC to I-5 is about twice as far as BC to Mission. I think it's a long drift, but certainly doable in the longer days of summer.


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welcome to the ClackaCraft family, MB; mine's a 16WF; still looking for the concealed wet bar and humidor on mine...:D! The Yak canyon's nice right now too, skwalas are beginning to come out. Red's to Big Pine's an easy float, too, especially when the water's not roaring along like summer!
Depends on the flows but bc to i5 is about six to seven hours. Bc to mission is very quick if you get started even mid morning you'll be done by noonish. If you anchor up and work the runs of course you can strech it out. Also that strech gets a lot of jet boat pressure so the productive sections (like just below bc) often get repeated passes from the guide boats drifting roe or backing down plugs.

All that is okay because the river is a gear haunt but if your goal is to familiarize yourself with your new boat why not get more oar time and try fishing some of the less pressured spots.
isaacfab - getting familiar with the boat is definitely the goal / doing a little fishing will be a bonus. Ya - I didn't think getting up in the BC / barrier area would be to productive for me at this stage of the game . . . . . .

alex - it's nice to be part of the clackaCraft family - I think we're really going to enjoy SSG / regarding the 'concealed' wet bar - not sure but I don't think that was an option on this model. . . . .


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I'm thinking this Wed. or Thur. will be our first drift - I was also wondering what you're (wff's) thoughts would be about going to the Kalama. Just not sure if I want to deal with or probably better put - don't want the 'jet boats' to have to deal with a rookie . . .

Any way - any thoughts on the Kalama vs. the Cowlitz -??
First Drift / Kalama River (4/20) - not bad, nothing to intimidating. Hired a local guide who gave me a good 4 hr. lesson. Love the boat / no regrets . . . . - no fish, but it really wasn't about fishing. Got the first one behind me - now I want to get after the slabs . . . .