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I've been a bait caster since I was a kid(not a long time granted I'm only 24, but long enough.) I've been thinking of starting fly fishing for a year or so and low and behold my grilfriend bought me a fly rod reel etc. for Christmas this year(9' 6 wt.) I've been practicing casting in the street since Christmas day and am going out this weekend. Unfortunately that isn't good enough. I work 8-5 mon.-fri. and need somewhere to fish after work. I live in the Twin Lakes/Federal Way area and work in Tukwila. If anyone knows of anywhere to fish in this area (lakes or rivers,good or bad I don't care) please let me know. Any info is greatly appreciated.

Morgan :DUNNO

Not to sound obtuse, but the Green River is just a stone's throw down SR-18 in Federal Way.

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I'm not familiar with your neck of the woods. But just as a heads up, practicing in the street can't be good for your fly line. Might want to try grass.
If your looking for casting practice close to home try lake Fenwick, it has a decent dock to practice and is a year round lake. Five Mile lake is also close and has a dock to cast from. I did this when I was just starting out about 5-6 years ago. If you want to hit the Green river a good spot to try is hwy 18 bridge or Issac Evans park across from Auburn golf course. It has a nice beach area and is a nice drift if not to fast(high water) I hope this helps.

Scott Salzer

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I would second Lake Fenwick as a close lake to try. It actually has more than just a dock. There is a dock / walkway that crosses part of the lake. This way you don't have to worry about a backcast into the trees. Try a green/black woolley bugger type - unweighted. Weighted flies are hard enough to cast, especially for a beginner.
My other suggestion would be to take a class before you develop bad habits that are hard to break. I took one the Highline Community College some years ago, don't know if they still offer it.
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