Newbie q's

So I am pretty new at this flyfishing thing,so far having a blast, but now that winter is rolling around, what kind of patterns will produce fish? I was out at the skok river and for the first time i caught less than 10 fish, only 2. Any help would be appreciated.


Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
Hopefully Chris will move this up to the Main Forum, as its not a tying question.

Right now, on the Skok you are probably catching salmon or steelhead smolts, something that we try to discourage, as you might be inflicting a harder life than the poor fish should have. We gotta think about the run 2-4 years from now....

Now, for steelhead or salmon fishing summer patterns still rule. For trout, well, it might be the end of terrestrial season and probably a good time to midge patterns or Blue Wing Olives.

When the winter rolls in, brighter marabou patterns rule for steelies and salmon. For trout, well, its BWO and midges.


Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
Hey, were you catching kings? Lots of big brutes in right now on the Skok. But alot of flossers/snaggers running rampant too. I stay away from the Skok nowadays. Just too crazy. But have had friends nailing big Nooks out of it.

Never had a problem with steelhead smolts this time of year. But when I fly fished, or gear fished, the Skok, I was using bigger (size 2/0) gear. Never hooked a smolt, but did hook ALOT of bigger salmon.