Newbies? A good bet for steelhead....

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by chadk, Aug 6, 2002.

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    OK fellas, if you'be been putting off hitting the seattle area rivers for steelhead, check the flows. Last nights storm sent the rivers up pretty sharply, and now they are dropping just about as fast. Tomorrow morning you should BE ON THE WATER!! Fresh fish should have moved in and others that have been holding up in the deeper pools will have surged upstream farther. As the water drops, they'll be extra agressive. Go with a little bigger fly than you have been, and don't be afraid to fish the more shallow spots - especially the first flat\slower water above a stretch of white water (they'll be resting after negotiating the climb). As the water clears and drops, and the fish get pressured by fisherman, then you'll have to start looking for them in the deeper and\or faster water where they feel safe - and smaller, more natural flies should be employed (but don't be afraid to throw them something completely different now and then...).

    The sky and snoqualmie are looking good according to the flow charts. Compare with your local stream and see if they are on the drop as well...