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  1. Was hoping to link up with someone who has floated the river. I am comfortable on the sticks however I never floated the stilly before. Would anyone be willing to let me follow you down the river?

    Was thinking Sweed heaven bridge to C-post which by mapquest driving is 6.8 miles give or take.
    Would Whitman be a good option as well?

    I have tried looking on google for existing hazards listed such as king country provides. Does anyone have a link for Snohomish county?
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    I float that river a lot. I'd be able to go on a Monday.
  3. I gotta work Monday and I have playoffs in my hockey league. ill shoot you a pm and grab your number for the future. Are u aware of any immediate hazards?

    I spotted a nasty log jam before oso bridge that was not there back in January. Would require portage for sure.
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    Just be careful. When in doubt...scout it out before committing. The river is always changing. Someone drowned below the mouth of Deer Creek just a few weeks ago. I think their raft got hung up on a log jam. Don't know the details. I think this was before the river was open to fishing.
  5. I met a gentleman floating from Whitehorse down the other day that mention a gnarly log jam just below the fast skinny riffle down from Deer Creek. I will most likely do Whitehorse to C post and just take it nice and slow tomorrow
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    I've floated the Stilly from Swede Haven to Stanwood in my canoe. Not all in one float. And quite a few years ago. Piece of cake. Log jams and sweepers come and go, so pay attention whether it's your first float or one-hundredth.

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