NFR: For all you 'heavy equipment operators.'

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    A mother took her five-year-old son with her to the bank on a busy
    >lunchtime. They got behind a very fat woman wearing a business suit
    >complete with pager.
    >As they waited patiently, the little boy said loudly, "Gee, she's fat!"
    >The mother bent down and whispered in the little boys ear to be quiet.
    >A couple of minutes passed by and the little boy spread his hands as
    >far as they would go and announced; "I'll bet her butt is this wide!"
    >The fat woman turns around and glares at the little boy.
    >The mother gave him a good telling off, and told him to be quiet.
    >After a brief lull, the large woman reached the front of the line.
    >Just then, her pager begin to emit a beep, beep, beep.
    >The little boy yells out,
    > "Run for your life -- She's reversing!