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Do you believe in Global Warming?

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Yea Dave, fish before chicks we all learned that in the second grade and with the Red Sox issue, we both know that the Rockies are the team to beat this year. Only if the Broncos would win 20 out of 21 games!!!:clown:
i don't understand. why would it matter if human's aren't making an impact on global warming?
The other chemicals emitted by burning fossil fuel are killing us now. Who gives a krap if it will be 1.2 degrees warmer in 100 years when we'll be too damn retarded to know the difference from all the mercury and pcbs we take in every day. If stopping burning fossil fuel solves the immediate problem then the fixing of global warming is just a bonus.
IF it were mans fault for global warming and not just the earths natural rhythms, who is acctually going to degrade their life and rid themselves of all the conveniences we have just to help the environment. i personally dont care about the environment if my life is that limited. i think we should stop burning fossil fuels just cause the wells are going to eventually dry up and also if we use other resources people can stop saying that the war is only cause of oil even though it clearly isnt. but here is another thing to think about, if global "warming" is supposed to somehow make the earth go into another ice age, where is the bad part?

Chris Puma

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There are other things that are activities do impact, aside from "global warming"....
it'd be sweet if we could fast forward everything 50 years to determine the general consensus on this matter. i'd gladly pm you an apology. if you're wrong, however, it's not like we can reverse the impact over the years? but then again, if you are changing your habits like you said you were, then you were pro-active in everything except your perspective and influence on the WFF. :beer2:

enougghh i got sucked into this damn argument.
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