(NFR) Happy Holidays from Down South

Well ladies, was just cruising around and checking out some of the local photos, so I thought I'd drop you guys a line and say what's up!

I've been in Buenos Aires now for about 20 something days, long enough that I've lost count. It's an amazing city, although crazy might be a better word to describe it. It reminds me of what I picture the Wild West was, or perhaps a large american city back in the 60s... People stumble around the streets with 32 ounce beers, taxis run red lights and there doesn't seem to be a concept anywhere resembling "lanes" on the roads, and you can do just about anything you want except kill someone.

If you happen to be an insomniac like me, this is the city for you. People don't even start going out until 11 pm, the bars never close and it's not uncommon to see people stumbling the streets at 8:30 am after a long night of partying. Everyone seems to be up around noon however, I think the secret to there sleeplessness is Mate, a root extract that everyone drinks even more than Seattlites drink coffee. It's an interesting drink, hard to describe but gives you an interesting buzz that's halfway between caffeine and nicotine. Regardless, it's the best hangover cure ever invented.

We had an interesting Christmas, had dinner at some local Argentinian friend's house and drank until the sun came up (as usual). We've been finding it very difficult to find a vehicle here, between the language barrier, people trying to rip you off, and the fact that this city is massively sprawling and it takes a few hours to get from one side to the other. We actually were about to buy a vehicle and the lady renigged on the price after we had agreed on it.

It looks like we're picking up a 1989 Jeep IKA, similar to a CJ-7 but different in a lot of ways, has a darn near brand new 160 horse tornado engine, straight six, with a holly carb, off-road lights, grill guard, 32" Mud Terrain tires, leather seats, and too much to list. We find a trailer place called "Senor Trailer" who is going to custom fabricate us a trailer, four jerry can holders, custom built to our specifications, five bolt lug pattern to use 32" wheels so we can swap between the jeep, all for 1700 pesos, or roughly $550 US. Looking good to reach our target of getting the heck out of here on January 2nd....

Well hope you guys are doing well and not terrorizing the local fish populations too much, keep in touch and look for more updates on my web page.

Tight lines!


ahhhh Mate, you sip thru a straw spoon with sweet natural sugars of the stevia plant. very refreshing ! Happy New Years to you and your compadres, eh and good luck with that Jeep! laters bhudda:smokin