(NFR) how do I check that a company is legite?

I think it is very curious why such a huge difference in bid prices. A job of your size should have about a 15% swing in high and low or about a $1500 to $2000 maximum difference.

I would ask the two high bidders what they see that is driving their costs so much higher than the low bid. Perhaps the low bidder missed something. Then I would ask the low bidder how he can come in so much less and if there are concerns or issues raised by the other bidders I would be asking if these things are addressed.

Also I would check out the high bidders and see if they are always way high in their pricing. Somewhere there is a reason for a $5000 swing. You should find out why.

Something else I forgot to mention. Be sure to understand the change order policies of each company. Often the low bidder uses this ploy to drive up the cost. What starts out as the low bid can often times end up being the highest price because of change order policies.



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Shady deal

Well, after my research yesterday i contacted several references and got excellent reccommendations. THEN, i received a return phone call from another contractor and told him about the really cheap bid. He asked who the company was and I told him. He then got frantic and told me whatever I do, do not give him any money cause he's a fraud, theif, convicted felon, and a liar. This guy gave me 4 people to call that have recently been ripped off by this guy. So i called these people and sure enough the cheap contractor had taken their 1/3 down $$$ and has yet to be seen......and this was from a few months back. Turns out there is almost 100k worth of liens against him and he is changing to a corporation....which may be an indication of bankruptcy and protection from loosing his personal assets. PLUS, he told one of the bad references that threatened to sue him that they would be on the list when he files for chapter something or rather???

Glad i didnt sign the contract on that first night and give him 3300 bucks.

Turns out that my father-in-law's partner own a steel structures company and said he will give me wholesale on all the materials and save me 30% off of all the bids I have receiving for a "kit". So in the long run things will work out for a bigger and better shop :thumb: :D

Thanks for all the assistance :thumb:


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nomlasder said:
I'm curious, what do you plan to use the shop for.

building wood drift boats and selling them :p :p :clown: just kidding ;)

Moving all my "stuff" like tools, benches, boats, bikes, travel trailer, cars, etc.... and free up my garage so we can park in there and not worry about beating up the rigs when we get in and out of them. Plus I want to finish my garage with sheetrock and can't do that right now because the rafters are my storage for Christmas stuff, snowboards, elk tent, etc... And I have always wanted a shop for tinkering and fixing things. Part of the reason behind purchasing our current house was the ability to build a shop on the property.

Got your pm yesterday btw.....everything is still on hold and I'll keep ya posted as we move forward....should be a few months max.