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    Greetings to all on the Washington Fly Fishing Forum! is asking for your urgent support.

    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has an upcoming site visit and
    scoping meeting for the proposed Sunset Falls project.
    If you are unfamiliar with the proposed project, please visit
    It is vitally important that FERC get balanced input from multiple opinions,
    not just a glossy one-sided view from pro-dam SnoPUD staff.

    We are asking for a show of support at the Index Fire Station
    On Wednesday, June 12th, at 6 PM.

    We want to show FERC that many of us, for many reasons, do not support the
    construction of a dam on the Skykomish River.

    Please pass this info on to your friends and organizations that have supported
    us in the past. We---opponents of the proposed project--sincerely appreciate
    all efforts on behalf of our beloved Skykomish River. We encourage anyone
    who can come to register opposition to this project to wear anything that is Sky Blue.

    Tips and Tricks for those wishing to speak at the scoping meeting: Be prepared in
    advance with your remarks, bring a printed copy of what you're going to say, be brief
    (expect a 5 minute limit on comments), and make your content objective. If you don't
    have any particular prepared remarks, consider just standing up and saying something
    like this:
    "My name is ________________________ . I'm a _____________________
    (Snohomish County PUD rate payer, or local resident, or concerned citizen,
    supporter of I-937, defender of the few remaining free-flowing rivers----you get the idea)
    and I am against this project."
    We have been given advice that, even if a lot of people stand up and
    say essentially the same thing, it will make an impact on FERC.
    FERC will be here from DC to hear the locals.

    Thank you for your assistance and we hope as many of you can attend as
    possible. It is important to take a stand for our beloved Washington Rivers.
    See you there!

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