NFR: metal detector guys

Dry washing for gold in desert a bit SE of Twentynine Palms, Ca. several years back now, my friend turned up a 4oz nugget with his detector!
My largest was about a quarter oz. Dug lots of bullets/nail, etc. but had great fun.


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You, I suspect, have spent a respectable amount of time and money buying equipment, traveling, and standing in water waving an artificial stick in the air to catch a fish you then turn loose and you think that they are strange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fella, we are the weird ones.
Haaaa. You got me on this one. :)

I guess it's only insanity from the outside looking in.
Payed for all my camera equipment with the gold rings I've found, plus the twenty dollar St. Gaudens gold piece made my day once, have a photo somewhere on my puter


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I never could figure out how people loose rings, particularly out camping...what's with that? Coins falling out pockets as they do the morning contortion drill trying to slide into britches I get, but who takes rings off?


Not to be confused with Freestone
One other use I failed to mention is finding small hooks that fall off the tying table into the berber carpet... damn thing has paid for itself twice over :D.

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Smells like low tide.
Find all or most gold rings in swimming areas with my waterproof machine lot of my hunting Lake WA swim areas and old resorts and boathouses
You just answered freestoneangler's question. Rings fall off swimmers' fingers because the (often) cooler water temp causes the skin to contract a bit, decreasing the diameter of the swimmers' fingers.
I had a beautiful silver ring inlaid with abalone that a girlfriend had given me, and although getting it off my finger was usually an ordeal, one day it just went flying off when I was swimming out thru the surf at Makapu'u.:eek: I lost points for that!