(NFR) Registered Voters on this site?

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Registered Voters on this site?

With the fish runs in such great shape, maybe we should look at what they do instead of what they say.

Most good legislation gets passed with help from both parties. If the special interest group only works with half of the decision makers, you get what we have now, gridlock.

Registered Voters on this site?


I'm totally perplexed by your cryptic statements. Can you be more specific?

-the america hating, tree hugging, big government loving, high tax celebrating, nose ring envying liberal. And yes, I vote.
Registered Voters on this site?

You bet I vote.

I also do what I can in between, like contacting my congressmen and senators, and let them know what I think about stuff.

I also contact other government leaders - the folks in the agencies - to let them know what I think, both if I support what they're doing and if I'm against it.

You can be a fish recycler, too. Let 'em swim.
Registered Voters on this site?


If you hack off 50% of the people who make the laws, you can never get enough votes. Just think if you could get 75% of the people behind a good idea. It happens from time to time. You can see it when they vote 75% yes with little debate. That never happens when you can't even have a cup of coffee with the other side because they are so upset with the way that have been trashed.

Just my 2 cents to try to get us out of the fishless situation we have in many steelhead and salmon areas these days.

Registered Voters on this site?

God Bless America!!!!

I vote!!!

"Vote Early and Vote Often"
-Daley (I think)

Andrew, The Compassionate Conservative!
Registered Voters on this site?

4\4 voters: Vote each election in the four years between presidential elections. There are 1\4-2\4-3\4 voters…1\4 voters are usually only one issue voters anyway.

Politics and fishing and preservation go hand in hand. It’s not possible to be effective by one method alone. Voting helps, activism helps, and active participation sometimes means that you have to go to the ‘otherside’ to see what is happening, and how the process works.

The percentages are a lot lower when it comes to active voters and registered voters, in this state especially. A minority number of folks vote, and as a result they have the people in power.

Bob and Ryan suggested the email route with the form letter. Great idea, but not effective. Paper letters signed by a real voter carry more weight in the political arena. In person townhall meetings face to face carry even more weight.

And, did you know that you can write a piece of legislation, and give it to your reps and ask them to read it and stand by it and help to push it through the legislature? Not the Initiative way…but a real live Rep working on it if you push and have a good piece of work to offer a solid solution to a problem.

I am certain that some folks will call me boring and long winded…but open minds or closed minds…if you want to reap a harvest of change…focus and knowing the political ins and outs is the way to make change. Work from the inside with the rules and with the legislature. Debate and dissent are always good. Some folks don’t know what that is and think it’s an extremist viewpoint. Whatever.

Now…you may need to get in touch with those right wing wackos Andy and approach them from the hunting and gun issue side to get what you want. They need habitat to hunt in and hunters’ rights are big with the right-wingers. Where there’s hunting habitat, there’s fishing habitat that goes with it.
Registered Voters on this site?

i display the american flag. i voted for j.f.k. in 1960 and have been casting my vote since and will do so in the upcoming election. i do not know what rep. and dem. means and dont care as i vote for the person and what he stands for. great post. keep politics out of this site.
Registered Voters on this site?

O.K., know I think I'm getting your point.

I'm not that well versed on salmon recovery, but just as with politics in general, aren't both sides guilty of trashing each other. Isn't that strife part of what makes this country great?

Are you suggesting that good ideas only happen as a result of cooperation from both sides? Those who battled for civil rights might argue with that notion. Maybe that's a poor analogy. If so, how do the political aspects of salmon recovery in this state differ?
Registered Voters on this site?


how bout' the day i find it free :smokin ill vote! as far as legal, it would be a shame to let the govt. get a crack at this . this is a citizens thang g
Registered Voters on this site?


You are right. Both sides are much the same in many ways. I can't get too close to either side and not get burned. When both sides are backed into a corner, nothing gets done.

New laws and rule need to get passed. It would be a lot better if fishing interests could get support from both sides.

I know some people in some fishing clubs. They don't flyfish but they do vote. They often vote conservative. They are not extreem people, they just don't know how to relate to the other side.

I just think an inclusive approch may work better than the impasse we are in today.



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Registered Voters on this site?

Hey Fatty, I hear you are a mind reader. How about you read my mind and tell me if I'm registered and or if I vote!

Also Fat: This is an (NFR) post so you might want to add that to your thread title next time. Personally, I couldn't care less but there are some wussies and some gay wads who get their panties in a bunch over it. I wouldn't want you to get thrown under the bus... so to speak.

Registered Voters on this site?

Mac, you’re really kind of pathetic. There’s not much to read in there. A couple of Dr. Suess poems and that's about it. Nice ideology though JAFIR.
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