NFR: Squaxin Tribe Taking 1/2 My Clams


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Opinion doesn't matter, only who owns it now and what contracts\treaties\whatever you want to call it are valid now. I make my living working on others people property that do not want me there even though they sold the right of way on that land years ago, or the previous owner did(dating back to the 30's). If the current owner wants to make your life a living hell to get the work done they can.
Clearly you have never delt with Native Americans pursueing their treaty rights, I have, thats why no longer reside at the deeded beach house I once lived at.


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Clearly you have never delt with Native Americans pursueing their treaty rights, I have, thats why no longer reside at the deeded beach house I once lived at.
Only where I was trying to do work on land that they has sold the RoW to, and they made my life a living hell.


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I thought beach property only extended to mean high tide
It has since the mid seventies and the states Shoreline Management Act. The state and realtors continue to illegally sell land in defiance of that. I'm not sure how land owned prior to the SMA is handled. It's a poorly written law for anything other than basic riparian limitations and farming use.
I would be inclined to reply by certified letter that I had made a deal with my neighbor (who doesn't care for clams) that you can harvest 100% of his beach, but you get none of mine. ;)
Last summer my neighbor down the beach
decided to have the clams harvested on
her tide-lands. They come out to do a survey
and set up a date to harvest. The survey found
what we already knew...we have a ton of clams on
this stretch of beach. I can dig enough to feed a dozen
people in less than 30 minutes.

Last week I get a certified letter from the tribe
informing me that they will be harvesting half
the clams on my beach in late spring. Pissed?
Yea at my neighbor for opening the door of information
and at the tribe. The info they sent
me made it very clear that they have the right.
I already knew that.

Since I have no recourse my only thought was to
have a giant clam feed....before the harvest date.

clams? wait until the "tribe" comes to "buy" your neighbors property and converts it into "indian trust land" removing it from the local tax revenue stream that helps pay for your schools, roads, fish conservation, environmental restoration, etc... oh, its already happening. we must eliminate the campaign contributions that fund our favorite fed and local government SLUTS that are behind this nonsense!

Until the contributions to our "elected" sluts is cut off, the tax payer will continue to shoulder the burden. i truly believe the kennewick man might be my ancestor... why are the "special interests" (gov. and tribes) hiding his story?

sorry for the rant but its far more simple than just clams!

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Language, its a virus
After much consideration we (the boss and I)
are going to have a private harvester come
in and take all of our clams.

We stand to gain about $1700 to $2500 in our pockets.
Of course the tribe gets half of the harvest.

The people digging the clams will re-seed the beach
which means in 3 to 4 years it will be back
as good as before.

I'm kind of torn on this being forced into
doing something that I realy don't want to do.

I wonder if they have the right to take
half of my vegi garden too?



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That's telling it like it is! They still haven't been taken to task for cutting all the old growth forests, killing off the bison, passenger pigeons, hydraulic mining the rivers in California, greenhouse gases... well I could just go on and on.
And now they are having their "revenge". Ever been to a soul-sucking native american casino?